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Clash of Clans Hacks: Which Troops to Upgrade First


Several people find themselves a bit confused with which troops to prioritize upgrading in the popular epic strategy game, Clash of Clans. It is great that there are Clash of Clans hacks out there that can help you better understand how to go about the game once you are done constructing your laboratory. Let us have a closer look at some of them.


After completing the construction of the laboratory, you can proceed to upgrading your different troops and units. It makes sense to prioritize upgrading the archers first. Archers are deemed valuable as the Clash Of Clans Hack game progresses, especially if you are more into raiding the bases of other players and turning them to rubble.


One of the reasons why Clash of Clans hacks give top priority to upgrading archers is that these units have by far effective attacking power versus goblins or barbarians. This might seem a contradiction because you very well know archers have lower health and damage per second compared to goblins or barbarians. However, you should take note that archers have a certain attack ability that other units do not have: archers have ranged attacks.


Having ranged attack ability gives archers better opportunities for hitting defensive structures. These defensive structures include towers and cannons.  Archers are able to attack these structures regardless of having walls built around them. Now, compare this to barbarians. Barbarians might have larger health and stronger attack power but they still need to break through walls before they can get to the cannons or towers.


Another reason is that archers do not pick targets. They are not like goblins that prioritize attacking resource buildings. Archers can hit anything that is on their sight. This means that archers have better chances of wiping out a base. With picky goblins, wiping out bases can take a lot of time or even fail because they are programmed to attack resource buildings first. In most cases, these buildings are found deep within bases and are given full protection. Nevertheless, goblins are still the best units to utilize if you prioritize stealing resources over wiping out bases.


Most Clash of clans cheats also recommend prioritizing the upgrade of archers because of their unique abilities. They have the dangerous ability of hitting targets from afar. If you were to place archers behind strong protective walls, you will have an army that can hit enemies without being hit back. Now this is one deadly combination.

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